Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Observations from last night's ballgame out at Kauffman Stadium...

THE GOOD: The Rube Goldberg-ian machinations of batting practice.
THE BAD: Watching Justin Morneau audition for his 10th inning, game-winning homerun.

THE GOOD: Joey Gathright bunted for a couple of hits and stole a base.
THE BAD: Tony Pena, Jr. couldn't get down one lousy sacrifice bunt, his only tangible offensive skill.

THE GOOD: Zack Greinke pitched eight excellent innings.
THE BAD: Zack Greinke somehow managed to walk the un-walkable Delmon Young TWICE.

THE GOOD: The Good Lord answered my prayers and sent two single women to sit next to me at the game.
THE BAD: Both women were north of 70 years of age.

THE GOOD: The Kiss Cam didn't feature me and one of the blue-hairs to my left.
THE BAD: The guy participating in the 3-hat, hidden ball contest got it wrong.

THE BAD: A Royals fan tore in half the homemade sign of a Twins fan.
THE GOOD: Said Royals fan later apologized and made up with said Twins fan.

THE GOOD: The Royals offense woke up and scored eight runs.
THE BAD: The Royals pitching erased that positive occurrence by giving up nine runs.
THE UGLY: Five of those nine runs came in the ninth inning, further demoralizing the handful of Royals fans that still crawl upon the Earth.


Side note that helped lessen the blow of last night's catastrophe:

I arrived at Kauffman Stadium early yesterday to watch the Twins take batting practice before they tore the hearts out of Jose Guillen and myself. There were a lot of Twins fans around and some of them were hollering up to the press box to try to catch the attention of Bert Blyleven, who calls Twins games on TV.

These guys managed to pique Bert's interest and before long, Bert started throwing peanuts from the press box (a good 50-foot toss) in an attempt to get them in the Twins fan's cap. After a couple of misses, he started hitting the fan's cap with regularity and probably threw about a dozen before smiling, waving and returning to more announcer-ly duties.

When you're a Royals fan, you have to find joy in the little things, even if it means watching your opponent's broadcast team shoot 50-foot free throws into the caps of eager fans.