Tuesday, March 04, 2008

National League Haiku

Pittsburgh has both sides
PNC Park is gorgeous
Pirates? Not so much

Griffey's twentieth
He still flips his cap backwards
Hey, baseball is fun!

Ausmus still employed?
At least the 'Stros have Hunter
To squeeze the Juice Box

They've got Prince Albert
And arguably best fans
Denkinger haunts, though

Wrigley Field is great
Almost as good as Fenway
Less World Series wins

Bernie Brewer goes
Down slide, into the beer mug
Sausage races? Eh

Nationals are dull
MLB stole the Expos
Thanks, Commish Selig

Miami has flair
Only Hanley's got it, though
Please give him some help!

Smoltz keeps on tickin'
Glavine's back, but not Maddux
Glory days still gone

Ryan Howard rakes
Jimmy Rollins sure can burn
Sounds more like yardwork

Most talent in league
Wright, Reyes, Johan; Oh, my!
Mets are Amazin'

So long, Barry Bonds
Giants will sink to the depths
Of McCovey Cove

Edged by the Rockies
San Diego was not pleased
Pads will overcome

Joe Torre in town
Can he bring Yankee magic?
Just play the youngsters

Rocks had a great run
All the way to the Series
Won't happen again

D-Backs battle heat
And some tough division foes
To rise once again

American League Haiku

Spring's almost here
Royal blue optimism
Only exists now

I hope Zack Greinke
Continues his improvement
And finds his eephus

Sweeney hits the road
I'll surely miss his heart but
Not his injuries

Chicago Pale Hose
Totally uninspiring
Royals could pass them

Traded their best guy
Play in a dump of a park
Twinkies fans are screwed

"Mistake By The Lake"
No longer applicable
Cleveland boys can play

Tigers grow more claws
Picked up Miggy and D-Train
Motown is Go-town

A's roster gutted
Of stars by genius GM
Potential simmers

Not Subway's Jared
But Saltalamacchia
Rangers hope bat's fat

Ichiro is fast
Seattle gets lots of rain
Death, taxes exist

Inside, outside or
Completely over his head
Vladdy will connect

Tropicana blows
Hurricane of young talent
Rays still can't catch Sox

Toronto Blue Jays
I can't think of a single
Interesting thing

O's look to the youth
Miggy and the ace are gone
Pass the crab cakes

ARod is unreal
The other guys should step up
You, too, Cap'n Jetes

Hard to argue with
The success of Theo's Sox
Dynasty in place