Wednesday, August 29, 2007

People Helping People

I just saw this quote on today:

"I want to call him and support him, you know, be there for him."

--Ron Artest, on hearing Michael Vick's public apology for his involvement in a dog fighting scandal

This is like Paris Hilton calling Lindsay Lohan and offering to be her designated driver. Or Pete Doherty volunteering to be Amy Winehouse's AA sponsor. Or Jason Giambi proposing to be Barry Bonds's workout partner.

As you may recall, Ron Artest is the former Indiana Pacers guard who charged into the stands to fight a fan during a game in the 2004-2005 season. To be fair, Artest IS trying to clean up his image and make a positive impact by his involvement in Wheelchair Charities and Xcel Universities, a virtual university to help out youngsters in New York City with academics and no emphasis on basketball. And he should be commended for trying to help out someone who obviously needs some guidance.

But doesn't he understand how ridiculous it sounds when he comes out and makes a statement like this? It's like hearing a public service announcement from Snoop Dogg about not smoking pot. Or Michael Jackson telling you to get involved in the lives of children.

Believe me, I am all for giving folks a second chance and using your platform to make a difference in the world. But sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut and work from behind the scenes. Ron, next time send Mike a note and save yourself the ridicule.